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Historical Data

Disclaimer: HRECOS is a research project. No warranty--either express or implied--is made for any information presented by this site. All data are subject to revision. 

To view and download more recent data, visit the HRECOS Current Conditions page.

For custom large batch file requests and/or formats suited for machine processing, please contact the HRECOS Coordinator.

+ Remaining 2015 data files are awaiting final QAQC water level data from USGS and will be posted soon +

Stations (North to South)Available downloads
Mohawk R. Utica (DEC)Station metadata----------20132014
Mohawk R. Lock 8 hydro (DEC, USGS)Station metadata--------201220132014
Mohawk R. Lock 8 weather (DEC)Station metadata--------2012201320142015
Mohawk R. Rexford Bridge (DEC)Station metadata------------20142015
Port of Albany hydro (DEC)Station metadata------20112012201320142015
Port of Albany weather (DEC)Station metadata------20112012201320142015
Schodack Island hydro (Cary IES)Station metadata20082009201020112012201320142015
Schodack Island weather (DEC)Station metadata20082009201020112012201320142015
Norrie Point hydro (HRNERR)Station metadata2008200920102011201220132014
Norrie Point weather (HRNERR)Station metadata20082009201020112012201320142015
Marist Pump Station (Cary IES, USGS)Station metadata-------- 2012 2013 20142015
Marist Pump Station-surface (") Station metadata------------ 20142015
West Point (USGS)Station metadata----------20132014--
Piermont Pier hydro (LDEO)Station metadata20082009201020112012201320142015
Piermont Pier weather (LDEO)Station metadata20082009201020112012201320142015
Beczak hydro (CURB/LDEO)Station metadata------------2014
Beczak weather (CURB/LDEO)Station metadata------------2014
G. W. Bridge (Stevens Institute)Station metadata20082009201020112012------
Pier 84, NYC (HRPT, LDEO)Station metadata--------2012201320142015
Castle Point, NJ (Stevens Institute)Station metadata2008
Passaic River (PVSC)Station metadata------------20142015

Note: Tivoli Bays stations (North, South, and weather) are no longer part of the HRECOS network as of January 2016. To access real-time and historical data for these stations, please visit

QAQC Flag Definitions

Provisional Data Flags

000000      Acceptable data

000005      Data that demonstrate a dramatic increase or decrease from the previous value

000006      Flat lined data

000030      Data outside three standard deviations of the seasonal mean

000040      Data outside four standard deviations of the seasonal mean

000100      Data outside the range of the instrument

Final Data Flags

000000      Data determined to be acceptable after a final review by the site manager

010000      Suspicious data according toa  final review by the site manager

020000      Corrected data

500000      Rejected data according to final review by the site manager

QAQC Comment Code Definitions

General Errors:

[GIM]      instrument malfunction

[GIT]       instrument recording error, recovered telemetry data

[GMC]     no instrument deployed due to maintenance/calibration

[GIC]       no instrument deployed due to ice

[GNF]      deployment tube clogged/no flow

[GPF]       power failure/low battery

[GQR]     rejected due to QAQC checks

[GSM]     see metadata

[GOW]    out of water event

Sensor Errors:

[SBO]      blocked optic

[STF]       catastrophic temperature sensor failure

[SCF]       conductivity sensor failure

[SDF]       depth port frozen

[SDP        DO membrane puncture

[SDO]      DO suspect

[SIC]        incorrect calibration/contaminated standard

[SNV]      negative value

[SPC]       post calibration out of range

[SSDN]    sensor drift, record not corrected

[SSDC]    sensor drift, record corrected

[SSM]      sensor malfunction

[SOW]     sensor out of water

[SSR]       sensor removed (not deployed

[STS]       turbidity spike

[SWM]     wiper malfunction/loss


[CAF]      acceptable calibration/accuracy error of sensor

[CBF]      biofouling

[CCU]      cause unknown

[CDA]     DO hypoxia <28 percent saturation

[CDB]      disturbed bottom

[CDF]      data appear to fit conditions

[CFK]      fish kill

[CIP]        surface ice present at sample station

[CLT]       low tide

[CND]     new deployment begins

[CRE]      significant rain event

[CSM]      see metadata

[CTS]       turbidity spike

[CWD]     data collected at wrong depth

[CAP]      depth sensor in water, affected by atmospheric pressure

[CAB]      algal bloom

[CVT]      possible vandalism/tampering

[CMC]     in field maintenance/cleaning

[CMD]     mud in probe guard